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Cyberlobe launches Simple CSV Import to WooCommerce – a plugin to power up your WordPress website

WordPress is the most powerful platform to build websites from simple to complex, from blogs to enterprise, and even for applications. It has also become favorable as the content management software for non-bloggers. It is gaining popularity due to the simplicity, rich plug-in architecture, flexibility, user friendly and SEO friendly features.

There are thousands of plugins that offer better functionality and support for WordPress. Among all, WooCommerce is a top rated WordPress plugin for eCommerce businesses. Sometimes, especially with eCommerce website, you need to import the bulk data / variables into WooCommerce store. The easy and quick way to do it is with a CSV or XML file. And then you can import files to WC using CSV/XML plug-ins.

Cyberlobe Technologies has launched Simple CSV Import to Woocommerce to power up your WordPress website. The new WC plug-in allow users to import hundreds or thousands of products from your csv or xml file to your WooCommerce store quickly and easily. If you need to add large amounts of data stored in spreadsheet manually, will take a lot of time. Well, simple CSV / XML import WooCommerce will make it easy by import from CSV to WooCommerce plugin. You can easily transfer CSV, XML files with Simple CSV Import to WooCommerce.


  • Import bulk products to WooCommerce at once

  • Imports categories, hierarchical category structures, tags

  • Imports images via URL or local file path

  • Avoid duplicates and merge records

  • User friendly and clear structure

  • Allows you to select Custom path for source and destination image folder

  • AJAX Importing

  • You can set a Featured image for a product

  • Add categories and tags to products by category / tag name or ID

  • The plugin lets you strip out number fields like prices, weight, length, width, height, Dollar signs, commas, etc

Want to try yourself?

Download this Simple CSV Import to Woocommerce plug-in created by Cyberlobe Technologies, and experience the same fields in action.

This importer is the best option for WooCommerce CSV import functions. In addition, we offer you free updates for 6 months, so that you can get most use out of this WordPress plugin. Simple CSV Import to WooCommerce lets save your time and energy by import all types of products at once.