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10 essential WordPress plugins

Many people have started blogging nowadays and the main problem that occurs is they don’t know the use of plugins and how to save their content from being used by different site. WordPress has numerous plugins that can help blogger improve, market and save their content from thieves. They just need to know the right use and which plugins to use.

So here we are telling about 10 most essential plugins that every food blogger should be aware about: –

1. Jetpack by

This is one of the most important plugin every blogger should use when they start blogging. This will help you in customizing your sheet and modifying the theme. Furthermore, will add on features like grammar checker and comment subscription.

2. Anti-spam plugin

When you start, blogging is there numerous number of people who spam the comments sections. To avoid such things and stop this nonsense one must use an anti-spam plugin. Plus, it is absolutely free.

3.Google custom search plugin

All food bloggers should A necessity that every blogger must use is the customized search box plugin. This will allow your readers to search the recipe and content hey are looking for easily. There is no such thing where Google is going to customize a search engine for you. The Google Custom Search plugin will help you in integrating a search box and customize your blog theme.

4. Full backup plugin

Every blogger must backup their blogs and content because it might get lost when the site crashes or due to some virus. There are two backup plugins which are considered to be most renowned which are Solid Backup and Vaultpress. They will help you in backup your blog content with pictures and offer monthly subscription.

5. SEO plugin

The SEO Plugin is one of the most essential plugin which will help in creating a better index and search engine for your blog. It will also optimize the category tags and help in filling up SEO data. This can be done with the use of WordPress SEO by Yoast and All in One SEO.

Here you can see an example of recipe rich snippet on Google search result, which is done by SEO plugin.

6. Caching plugin

Cache plugin is something every blogger must use but is a little difficult to understand. By, using this plugin bloggers can improve the loading speed of their blog and it will always become easier for the host to handle the server resources. The traffic will be easily manageable due to this plugin. One the most user-friendly cache plugin is WP Super Cache.

7. Recipe formatting plugin

Recipe Formatting Plugins such as Easy Recipe, Ziplist, and KitchenBug is something every food blogger must use. This will take a little time in getting a hang of and effort but will help in the future. The plugins will let you microformat the text and make the interface friendlier. You can add small thumbnails beside the recipe which will attract the people and bring in more traffic.

Here you can see small thumbnails beside the recipe on Bachelor Recipe site, which is done by Recipe formatting plugin.

8. Twitter plugins

Social Media Marketing is one of the most using way of promoting one’s blog and content. Tweets about every post is automatically done using the interface. WP to Twitter plugin will drive traffic and help in customizing the format and hashtag.

9. Comment management plugin

Comments on bloggers post is one of the essential part that the bloggers and readers want to and need to follow. The readers can easily follow up on any conversation that is happening by simple subscribing the post using The Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin which will notify them of any reply on that blog. Jetpack by plugin provides a similar kind of feature.

10. Image and content copyright plugin

Nowadays many sites are using food recipes published by bloggers without giving credit to the respective individual. Every food blogger should use WP Copyright Protection to prevent their content. This helps and prevents their content from being copy and pasted by other people. Another respective protection can be given by using Tynt Insight for WordPress which will help in chasing the person which is using the content without giving credits.